I am using 82 (Win XP SP3) and there is no hang when opening tab "external Devices"

A couple of comments though..

1) Build 82 claims to be

2) The BIOS Extender option on the "External Devices" tab says:
EasyBCD's BIOS extender can be used to boot from network, CD, or USB
on computers that don't natively support it.
The reference to USB is just a teeny bit broad. From the PLoP website:


Only USB mass storage devices are supported. The USB support allows to boot from usb harddisk, usb sticks and usb cardreaders. USB floppys and CD/DVD drives are not working.
Hope this helps

Mark Symons
Hi Mark,

Honestly, I added PLoP for the USB stick feature - to me, that's what USB is. I never thought of external cd/floppy drives as USB, but perhaps I'm a bit too geeky that went over my head.

I'll jam the word "harddisks" in after "USB" - how does that sound? :smile:
I have to admit that just the ability to boot off a USB stick is pretty cool.

The only reason that I was trying to boot off a USB DVD was in order to perform a recovery using a Vista install DVD. In the end, I did not even need that... EasyBCD allowed me to recover everything all by itself.

The thing about PLoP is that the author is trying to get USB CD/DVD booting working.. just check out the changelog. Perhaps it would be better to leave things alone, keep an eye on PLoP, and then think about updating PLoP within EasyBCD v2.0 when appropriate?

That sounds great. Actually, if I have any ideas on the matter, maybe I'll drop him a line and see if it'll help! :smile: