EasyBCD 2.0.2 and XP Pro x64 edition?


So I'm trying to dual boot Vista 64 and XP x64... mainly to play Halo Combat Evolved, since it runs like crap on Vista but beautifully on XP.

Anyway, I can't get EasyBCD to even recognize XP, even though it's running on XP on drive D:

(Yes, you can click that)

Any ideas, guys? Does 2.0.2 not support x64 edition anymore, and if not, where could I find an older version that does? (I know thanks to searching that it has been done before)

Thanks guys...
Another Issue With Vista64 & XP32 With EasyBCD 2.0.2

This maybe why am having a different problem. I have Vista (64-Bit) as my main OS in Drive 'C' and XPPro (32Bit) on drive 'D'. However, I can't get it to install properly. Please see page 2 of the attached file.

The interesting thing is that I had EasyBCD working some months back before redoing my system. I was using an older version of EasyBCD, not v2.0.2.

I will try an older version and report back as soon as possible.



  • EBCD Error.pdf
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For a single instance of XP, let it auto-detect.
Please both read this, so you know how Easy2 handles single and multiple XPs
@caxtin That looks fine. What's the problem ?
Terry, Please See Page 2 Attached File . . .

That error was what I got at the EasyBCD window. I could not get beyond that point. I could not accept my XP.

One thing though, I can boot to both Visat (64Bit) (C-Drive) and XPPro (32Bit) (D-Drive) with the native windows boot manager. I just want to use the EasyBCD GUI.

So the error you see on page 2 is the problem - I must have done something wrong.

I just noticed the link you added. For me, am not much into the intricate part of editing files as in adding and removing values for boots and startups. I can't go too deep into that capability. This is why I chose to find something that will do it for me, and I chose the EasyBCD since I had used it before. I will read the link and see what I can come up with - I'll try.
Thanks again.
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That was my point. There is no error on your attachment.
You appear to have a normal working dual-boot.
(EasyBCD isn't the boot manager. It's an app for configuring the Vista/7 boot manager BCD. It takes no part in the booting or the running of your system)
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Well Volvo244t, Could You Please Share . . .

I got it all working running EasyBCD 2.0.2 under Vista. Thanks for the response.

You got yours working . . . what exactly did you do. We are all here to learn.
While in Vista:
1. You mean you went back to Vista? You mean logged onto Vista with the Windows native boot loger? Right?
2. In Vista, which MBR did you run? Vista or XP MBR

I re-installed XP, went back to Vista, still I can't get EasyBCD 2.02 or the older 1.72 to run.
I tried 1.7.2 since it worked for me a a while back before I got my current PC.

I would really like to get this stuff working.

I am kinda discourages since Terry said I don't have an error. On my page two image, I pasted the "error" message I encountered. It may not be the utility but just me (operator ignorance of the utility). Only if I could identify where I am making the mistake. Am not perfect, still work in progress!

I'll re-install XP again for the fourth time to try the installation process again, maybe I have been missing something for the utility not to recognize the newly installed XP 32Bit.

If this time it does not work, I'll just give up and try something else.

Thanks all for your time(s).
What exactly do you think is an error on your attachment ?
It shows you have the 2 systems in a normal dual boot
Vista 64 as the default and XP 32pro as a 2nd option
In your post #4, you say they both boot normally.
Are you trying to boot XP with EasyBCD while Vista is running ?
If so, you're confused about what it's for.
As I said before EasyBCD takes no part in booting or running your system. It just configures the MS boot manager.
Are you confusing it with iReboot ?



forget all that.
It's your confusing thumbnail and that huge PDF.
From the thumbnail and your "page 2" reference I was looking at the 2nd image without noticing another 5 or 6 underneath. I didn't scroll past the 2nd image.

What did you do that produced the error message ?
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Probably no matter what he tries to do, he'll get that message.

It doesn't come from EasyBCD, but rather from bcdedit. The BCD store itself is mounted in the registry, and it seems that the disk with the BCD file is full or (more likely) corrupted.

I'd suggest mounting the boot device (if it's not already mounted) and running chkdsk /f