EasyBCD 2.0.2 can't open boot configuration data store

I used EasyBCD for installing neoGrub without a correct script, just for trying. So, I have 2 entries, the first one is Windows 7 and the second is neoGrub. The window boot manager shows the exact menu during power-on: first is Windows 7 and second is neoGrub. When I launch the easyBCD for the second time (after rebooting and installing ubuntu 10.04), it can't open boot configuration. It says "The system cannot find the file specified". The boot manager still shows the 2 items, so I can still boot to window 7. Where is the bcd file that boot manager reads during the power on ?


More info, I installed GRUB (during Ubuntu installation) in /dev/sda10 (in extended partition, not in mbr hard disk).
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Looks like Ubuntu messed up your configuration.

You'll need to enable the viewing of System and Hidden files.

It's located in the path X:\Boot\BCD where X: is the boot drive.
How to do that: