EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Consumed all disk space


EasyBCD 2.0 Beta build 63

I reset BCD storage wih Rescue My System and then asked EASY BCD to Reinstall the Vista Boot Loader. (I'm having problems with Vista looking to the wrong partition following and attempt to move it to a new larger drive).

EasyBCD asked me if I wanted to to the automatic configure. I said yes this time.
It started working and after many minutes was still working, so I let it run over night.
This AM I find that I have zero space on the boot drive (C:, partition with XP which I am booted in as I could not boot into Vista).
ntldr on that drive is now 144,487,388 KB in size!.

BCD.LOG is locked so I can't send that to you at this time. Maybe after a reboot.

I delete ntldr and then ask EAsyBCD to Auto configure again. ntldr starts growing again. I have to Kill the BootGrabber.exe proces to stop it.
Hi LowCarb, welcome to NST.

This is a known issue, I experienced it just once during the development of BootGrabber.exe, but unfortunately was never able to reproduce it again... :S

Let me study the code some, and see if I can see what's up :smile:
Hi LowCarb,

Thanks for your patience - I've updated BootGrabber.exe and the problem should now be resolved.

The fix will be included in EasyBCD 2.0 build 64, but in the meanwhile you can download a working copy of BootGrabber from here: The NeoSmart Forums

Please let me know how it goes.