EasyBCD 2.0 build 76 - error opening BCD Registry


Dear mates, I made one partition bootable and after that,
1. Easy BCD adds more entries but the boot manager only shows Windows 7 and the Added partition.
2. Easy BCD always requires BCD file when the application starts.

I went to Diagnostic center and tried to reset setting but problem is unchanged. In addition, the added partition is always visible on boot manager even though you I rest BCD configuration.

I feel the problem is attached to the bootable removable media.

Any help would be great!

EasyBCD is using the BCD file on a different partition than the one you are booting from. Be sure to select the correct BCD file at EasyBCD startup.
Thanks, I took care of that now. It got fixed after I deleted the bootable information in the newly created bootable partition. It would be good if there is a setting to change the default BCD directory so that there will be no warning at Easy BCD start up.
I have the same problem but I dont have multiple partitions (in windows).

I have 4 - only 1 is mounted in Windows 7.

1: 10GB Ubuntu
2: 500M Swap
3: 100M (the utility partition windows auto makes)
4: 309GB Windows

I installed Linux first to avoid problems, but now I cant start EasyBCD 2 b76
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