Easybcd 2.0 ntldr autodetect


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How, exactly, does Easybcd decide which is the correct partition to add the bcd entry for ntldr to?

I ask because another poster didn't appear to have ntldr on his pc - Easybcd pointed at C ( presumably the active partition ).

I tested it on my own system - Easybcd points at C automatically, but ntldr is on D.

The boot files for XP have to be in the "system" partition. They'll already be on the XP partition, but if that's not "system" then Easy2 will place copies. The old original XP versions won't be removed though, they'll still exist on the XP drive, but they won't be used to boot it.
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Ok , Easy 2 points at the system partition - if XP bootfiles are not there - it will copy some to it. Logical solution.
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