EasyBCD 2.0 won't install


Newbie here. Please forgive me if this has been discussed previously. I have read a good bit and haven't found a similar problem, but could have overlooked it.

When I try to install EasyBCD 2.0 Build 93 on my new Inspiron 1440, I get the message below.

Both Win 7 currently on the laptop and the XP OS I want to install are 64-bit.

What am I doing wrong?


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Hmm, the installer should work for both 32 and 64 bit Windows. We'll need to get back to you on this.
In the meantime other builds are available. Going back a build or two are you able to install it w/o issue?
I haven't tried that, but will later this evening. We have unexpected visitors who probably will be here several hours.

Will post results when I can get back to the computer. Thank you for the suggestion.


Build 92 installed without a hitch. Onward!
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Ok, so theres a problem with 93's installer (in W7 64-bit anyway). We should have this fixed in time for the next build's release. Thanks for reporting it.
You're right; apparently my first download of 93 was bad. I should have thought of that possibility before bothering you guys. A subsequent 93 download this morning has installed fine.
Hey you're not a bother at all, for the record I should have thought of that yesterday so you had 93 up and running sooner. Well, I hope 93 pulls through whatever it is you need it for.