easybcd 2.1.2 erased mbr

hey all. I just got a new laptop and made the common eror of displacing mbr upon installation of linux. through the bios, i was able to somehow get back into windows 7 and discovered easybcd through a search to fix the mbr so i could dual boot. version 2.1.2 had the bug of not actually adding the entries to the boot loader, but i downloaded and ran 2.2 beta and thought everything was cool as i saw all of the potential booting options in the boot loading list.

upon rebooting, i get two windows 7 options and nothing else (windows 7, not recovery). both options boot to a black screen and i must hard power down and restart to get anywhere.

i can still boot into linux using priority settings in the bios.

ive tried making a bootable usb stick with the recovery partition, but while it boots, i cant actually choose any of the screen options.

any ideas?