EASYBCD 2.1.2 Error loading operation system on select HP laptops


my name is Adam and i started using this product a few months back to help boot into several .ISOs and a WIM image to replace carrying around a case of CDs. I have a portable external HDD that i am booting into. This thing works flawlessly on tons of other machines booting into a boot menu to select for computers such as DELLS and other laptops. The model i am having trouble with is HPs. I can boot into all of the older models but when we get into the Elite books, thats where i get the error message. a particular model im dealing with is HP Compaq 8510P now. Went into bios and did a full sweep there. turning stuff on/off and still nothing. plugged it into a Dell just to make sure HD still works and there it is. works.

I even went as far as updating the bios and still nothing.

what i would like help with is is there an option inside easy bcd that im not seeing? Dell boots fine, HP is the tricky ones.

I have the external HD split into two partitions. one partation is the BCD one with the .isos and ANGs etc. other is for software and profiles. minor stuff. the BCD partition is set to primary and active also. The operation systems that i am trying to boot in varies with Windows Vista and Windows 7. no linux or MAC or anything else besides windows.

Thanks for helping or giving suggestions to anyone who does.
Hello again, wanted to give a quick bump to this and where im at in the issue. I got the 8510P HPs to work. I put the PLOP .iso on a cd and boot from that into another boot menu then select USB and that works. so far... Now i am dealing with a HP elite book behemoth. 8540W. Core I7 etc. CD works but when i choose USB, it doesnt find the external USB hd. basically same as first post. even went as far as doing a Grub4dos and nothing works. works on other laptops the grub4dos but not these.

Any suggestions?



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Is this a UEFI-based machine?
I seen in BIOS that it does have that option. I got far today. Downloaded xboot and that would give me error at installing grub4dos so I installed that to external then copied some grub4dos over. The laptop finally booted in grub. I then added .ISO and modified config.lst to show .ISO got that to work so I might be good. I'm doing it long why but after I get it perfect, ima going to ghost the external to have a image then I'll put that on the other externals.
I have to test on other computers but this is the one giving me main issue.
I got to Google hoe to get the grub to boot .wim file to install windows 7. Our business does it diff so I just can't .ISO. or maybe. Will find out tommorow lol
Well turns out.how its setup now works on multiple computers but the wall im running into is the windows 7 iso / wim .iso boots up to the run wizard screen but then says cant find script on x:// blahblah
What I noticed when I loaded ghost, I was unable to see.the external hd I booted off of to pick the.ghost image so maybe the.grub isnt loading the external fully
Any ideas?


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To create a Windows setup USB, you must extract the ISO to the *root* of the USB, then add an entry to install.wim with EasyBCD. ISO boot won't work for setup, only repair tools.
To create a Windows setup USB, you must extract the ISO to the *root* of the USB, then add an entry to install.wim with EasyBCD. ISO boot won't work for setup, only repair tools.
I know how to do this on EasyBCD however, the new HP laptops im dealing with wont boot EasyBCD. keeps saying Error loading operating system. But it works on almost all other brand laptops and desktops.
I got Grub4dos working on the HP laptops but when i write the menu to boot into the install.wim, it says invalid command or something along those lines.

do you know of the top of your head other boot managers like Easy BCD that will boot to .wim? or maybe what im doing wrong in grub4dos so it will boot into .wim. Again in upper post, i dont think grub4dos is loading my external when i boot into .iso cause i booted up Ghost and wasnt able to see my external to pull .gho off of it.



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This isn't a problem with EasyBCD, it's a problem with your computer.

You need to configure your BIOS to support legacy USB. It may not have that option.
Hiya, another PC is the HP elite book 8560. BIOS looks the same as other elite book so figured it wouldn't work... both have the legacy USB support option selected and all that fun stuff.
Ima see if I can flash the BIOS without booting into windows. Update it or try anything..
Any other suggestions I should try?

Thanks for help so far and if anyone else wants to chime in.