EasyBCD 2.1 hangs - Win7 64-bit + NAS


HP Compaq nc6320
320Mb HDD
4Gb Ram
Win7 64-bit

C: 68Gb NTFS primary, active
D: 80Gb NTFS logical
E: 120Gb NTFS logical

30Gb unallocated - ready for Ubuntu 11.04 installation

320Gb NAS attached via Linksys WRT610n router

I installed EasyBCD 2.1 prior to installation of Ubuntu. Runs 1st time but on subsequent attempts to open it, it hangs without opening forcing a hard shut-down and eventually Win7 repair disc before control is re-established.

Is the NAS causing this problem? Do I have to dis-connect the network drives to run EasyBCD?
Hrmph. That's weird.

Can you make it hang, then check in the taskmanager whether a bcdedit.exe or a bootgrabber.exe are currently running?

I have not yet installed Ubuntu trying to ensure EasyBCD will work OK first.

EasyBCD runs OK from a cold start but not after Hibernation - I usually hibernate overnight for a quick start. I click on EasyBCD and the little blue circle twirls but the EasyBCD menu does not apear. I try Task Manager and the same happens to that - little blue circle twirl but no further. Shut down which takes a while and then start again.

Will EasyBCD pick up a Ubuntu install if it is done after Easy has been installed or does Easy have to be installed after the OS?
I think that's a hibernation issue not EasyBCD.
I steer well clear of hibernation since the horrific early days where it was almost guaranteed to break the system and take 100 times longer to fix than to cold boot, and I'm not convinced it's got a lot better since.
As to your last question, EasyBCD examines the environment when it runs, not what existed when it was installed.
If I understand what your saying the menu you see is the menu on the Windows Login screen. Is this correct? It looks something like this:


Click here for full size

You are talking about the little blue icon in the bottom corner right? If so then that is not the EasyBCD boot menu. That is a Windows boot menu to select various options for Windows. EasyBCD only allows you to choose the OS of your choice to boot into before you are logged into any OS. EasyBCD is just the graphical method of modifying the boot menu which you only see when you perform a cold boot. When you hibernate within Windows, you will only be presented with the login option for windows. There is no option to perform a boot selection from Hibernation of Windows to another OS. You would have to shut down Windows and then boot into the OS of your choice. Technically when you hibernate you are still booted into Windows.