EasyBCD 2.2 - heads & tracks message with Linux


I use EasyBCD on my laptop-netbook and my PC. But, on my laptop (and only on it), I've got a strange message when I choose Linux in the menu:
Initialize variable space ...
Starting cmain() ...
!! number of heads for drive 80 restored from 255 to 224.
!! sectors-per-track for drive 80 restored from 63 to 19.
[Windows 7 & Ubuntu are on the same disk, so partitioned: 2 for Windows 7, and two for Ubuntu, swap + ext4 where Grub is]

I believed it was from Grub, but I'm not sure... after this fast message, Grub starts and everything is ok...

So, what is this message? How can I fix it?
Thank you.

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Mostly Harmless
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This isn't from EasyBCD per se, it's from the Grub chainloader.

I would say try running GParted and see if it has an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle over the drive list.
My actual preferred tool would be running testdisk from within Windows or Linux - it's command line only, though, but very easy to use.
Thank you to be so fast!

I tried testdisk, but the Geometry doesn't 'save' my new options... (GParted found nothing wrong)

It's strange because, with Ubuntu 12.04, I had no errors, and now, with the 12.10, I've got this lines of heads & tracks errors... I'll try fdisk to see if I can fix that.
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Then see GParted.