EasyBCD 2.2 only speaks Spanish .... Waa Ha Ha

I just downloaded and installed (in windows 7) EasyBCD 2.2. The program (buttons and dialog) only speaks Spanish. I can't seem to get it to talk English, even though that appears to be the selected language. Is it me? What should I do to convince the program to converse in English?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
The default is definitely English. Did you have any of the betas installed at some point, perhaps?

You can change the language from the Tools menu (second one from the left), it's the menu entry that looks like 2 letter 'A's on top of each other (I think, not on a Windows PC right now :smile:).
Well, I hacked at it some more. I uninstalled all traces with revo uninstaller. Cleaned the registry with Cclean. Used JV16 to look for traces. REboot, then fresh install. Eveything is the same. The language indicated in the tools setting is English. The language displayed by the buttons and "instructions" is Spanish as best I can tell - or possibly Portuguese. This is an odd situation. I'm stuck to the extent that I will try an alternate program to issue boot instructions and abandon (not so)EasyBCD. Weird indeed. Any ideas ,,,, Anyone? Hello, is anyone there? Help! I'm melting ..... Yaaaaaaaa > :scared: