EasyBCD 2.2 Released

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Now if only you could get it to start my car on a cold winter day with getting the heat on and start the car on a hot summer day with the A/C on I will be all set. :lol:

Congrats on all the great work CG!
That's a little beyond me, I'm afraid, Alex.

Thank you all so very much for all your help in getting this out there.
Well 1 can dream cant they? :lol:

But seriously thanks for all the hard work with the latest version. It has filled all the needs I have ever had with dual booting, even with the few hiccups along the way.
Hi Mahmoud,
what is the matter with you?
I have given a donate by PayPal for EasyBCD 2.2, but the download is not coming.
This is not ok!

I tried to update my 2.1.2 version and it says I have to pay again. Is that right?

I have two versions of 2.1.2. One was free and the other one I paid for.
I tried IE8, Firefox, then Chrome. I finally downloaded the free version with chrome but can't with the paid version unless I pay again.

Also, when I click on downloads on the home page, I get html code.
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The one you paid for would be for commercial use right? That is the only reason why you would have to pay for it to begin with. I would contact sales@neosmart.net to find out the details of the licensing. IT doesnt state if the license is only for that version and has to be purchased again or not.
If I purchase the Windows 8 Pro upgrade version can I use easybcd to set up a triple boot. The current configuration is dual boot with windows xp and windows 7. Want to add Win8 as an additional option but leave Win7 as the default. Thanks for your help, Jeff
If you install W8 leaving your other systems visible, then W8 will automatically create a multi-boot for you.
You can use EasyBCD to make cosmetic changes (or reassign the default etc) from any system.
I don't think the "upgrade" version can be used to create a multi-boot. I think it checks for an existing eligible OS to upgrade (i.e overwrite).
You'll need to check the small print before deciding which version to buy.
I have tried to use EasyBCD 2.2 and was at first moment very successful - very simple to use. I use 4 partitions (1. System - 2. Windows (=Windows 7 Home) - 3. Windows XP - 4. Windows 8.
As long as EasyBCD was installed in Windows 8 Partition (4th partition which was made to the active partition) it worked out wonderful because it replaced the Windows 8 MultiBoot system what is very slow by a multiboot system possible coming from Windows XP or from Windows 7 (white on black in DOS-Style).
Then I tried to move the boot files to "System-Partition" (1st. Partition) - So I installed EasyBCD on my Windows 7 System (it worked but..) and on my Windows XP partition (it did work but I could not change anything).
I continued with Windows 7 and created a multiboot with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8. I made first (System Partition) active. Then I restarted. Boot menu came up and I choosed Windows 7 - wonderful - it worked. I restarted and choosed Windows XP - wonderful - it worked. I restarted and choosed Windows 8 - did not work. What is wrong??
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