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I'm using version 1.2 on a clean install of Vista x64 Business, built 5728. I've gone to the Advanced Options and selected Allow unsigned driver installation on Vista x64. I see that Data Execution Prevention enabled (NoExecute) is selected by default. I saved the settings. However, when I reboot, I still get the blue screen and have to use F8 to allow the unsigned driver.
Am I doing something wrong?
Hi Walt, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Did you try disabling DEP? It might work....

Let us know if that works out....
It might be 5728... there was talk about disbling scripting support of diabling driver verification.. let me get back to you on this one....

The BIG question: what will folks do when they remove the diabling driver verification option from F8 when Vista RTMs. All indications are that it is the plan.

yeah, that is the million dollar question...

1) those companies just *might* get off their lazy asses and make some real x64 compliant drivers....
2) It's unlikely, so in all likelihood someone somewhere will release a patch or it may even come from MS when they realize what's going on.. but i doubt that since it *does* lead to unstable installs and many problems....

Your guess is as good as mine Walt...
What do you use non-signed drivers for?
Only for Phylock, CG. It's an add-on to Image for Window (Terabyte Unlimited) that puts a "lock" on the drive being imaged. That allows imaging of system drive while in use - like the "shadow" stuff. Lord knows that as a beta tester, I sometimes make 3 or 4 images a day! I'm lost without IFW. I have a distress email in to their support.
Sounds nifty, Walt.. Wish I had known about that utility earlier!

I use Acronis TrueImage 9, which "locks" the content automatically..... it's wonderful... But not as good as Roxio's GoBack Deluxe, which Symantec unfortunately decided to kill :smile:-X)
It doesn't work on XP or Vista though, so Acronis TI it is for me....

(Just like they did with the marvelous Sygate Personal Firewall!! Bastards!!)
Dont' even talk about what Symantec has done to some perfectly good products! After over ten years, I quit testing for them last year.
I just don't get WHY...

I mean, the Symantec team today isn't what it was 10 years ago, but their policies and blunders only get worse...

Symantec has bought up hundreds of good products and companies *complete with staff* and ideas... but they can't seem to make it work.

I mean, who the hell in their right mind buys Sygate Corporation, then simply shuts it down without even making use of the people or the code???

And LC5!!!! My god, it was the *best* password cracker, now Elcomsoft's programs beat it to the ground..... they bought the entire patent, code, technologies, people, and brandname, but they let it die!

Partition Magic!!!! 6 years, no new code. If it wasn't for Acronis, I don't know what I'd do with my HD..


Hi guys,

i have the same problem like Walter. i've got the viste home premium edtion x64. although i have enabled the "allow unasigned driver", windows doesn't show any kind of reaction.

i am using the newest version of easybcd.
is there a solution, or do i need to wait for one?

greets from germany

Hey taylan, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Microsoft has *disabled* this functionality in Windows Vista since RC2, and you must now manually select F8 at startup.

The EasyBCD team is looking for a workaround, but we're not too hopeful.

hi :smile:

but is it really so difficult, to create a programe, which simulates pressing F8 and selecting "no signification"?

i would do it myself, but i have no idea of programing :smile:


Maybe this will help you guys out. To unable unsigned driver installation on x64 RTM versions:

- Start/Programs/Accessories
- Right-click "command prompt" and select "run as administrator"
being verified
- Reboot!

Disable it with: bcdedit -deletevalue loadoptions
Hi DeOS,

Does this actually work?!
If it does, you're a life saver. The old command used was
But it no longer works.
I might add: which version of Vista are you using? Because the above fix used to work in pre-RTM builds, but in the RTM version our fix doesn't work. Does yours?

(Sorry I can't test it, I'm on x86)
Computer Guru said:
I might add: which version of Vista are you using? Because the above fix used to work in pre-RTM builds, but in the RTM version our fix doesn't work. Does yours?

(Sorry I can't test it, I'm on x86)
It really works! I am running Vista Ultimate x64 myself (OEM). Just try it out yourself :smile: . If you want more info/proof just ask. I am happy to provide the information.

This method is indeed different that the code that you are using right now. MS has disabled that method.