EasyBCD and Ireboot don't work in Windows XP!

In order to prevent Windoze XP from deleting Windows 7 restore points in a dual-boot environment, we are advised to add the following to the registry:


where "X:" is the partition in which Windows 7 resides.

But, if Windows 7 is installed in partition C:\, the boot loader is inaccessible to Windows XP, and EasyBCD and Ireboot cannot find the necessary data to function!

Is there a solution to this, or do we have to choose between losing the W7 restore points, or using your program(s)?


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Changing the Boot Partition
to copy the boot files to XP and boot from the XP drive instead.
(You'll need to alter the BIOS if they're on different drives. Otherwise the above will reset the active partition to reboot from the target drive)