EasyBCD and Lenovo

Hello all!

I have a T400 running XP. I need to install Ubuntu 12.04 then install Clonezilla for an imaging project. I have found that Lenovo has a unique (read pain in the arse) partition setup. I used Gparted to shrink XP to create some free space, after reboot check disk ran and xp booted. I loaded the Ununtu disk and rebooted, I set up one primary partition for /BOOT then two logical partitions, one for /ROOT and the other for SWAP. I then installed Ubuntu. I rebooted, XP started and I then installed EasyBCD 2.1.2, on first run I got this error message.



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The message speaks for itself.
You cannot use EasyBCD in an environment that doesn't include one of Vista/7/8
The BCD does not exist in XP or Linux.