EasyBCD and Ubuntu 11.10

I did some searching and couldn't find answer on site. If there is a thread could you please redirect me.

I have Win 7 64 bit Pro installed and working on my SSD. I would like to dual boot to Ubuntu. In reading the documentation there is a very specific install instructions for Ubuntu 10.04+. These instruction were written and updated back in January 2011. Are these still current meaning Ubuntu has not corrected their issue? I did see the plus sign after the version number but its been more than a year.

If Ubuntu has corrected the issue are there instructions for Page 7 where you pick "Advance" options... which I assume is where you would tell Ubuntu to put the Grub loader in the bootsector of the partition.


Mak 2.0

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Yes Ubuntu has corrected this option with the newer installs. There is just a check box now asking if you want to install GRUB to the MBR or if you wish to install it with the system. No it is not page 7 during the setup anymore. I will have to get some updated pictures on there.

It is pretty straight forward just as the instructions say. You install Ubuntu, use defaults for everything if you dont know what your doing. From there boot back into Windows and use EasyBCD to create the dual boot properly. Really the instructions havent been updated cause they cover the basics that are needed.
Thanks. That said for us "1 post wonders" we like to follow instructions and avoid the two hour re-installs. Having read the documentation I will used the "install with system" option so the Windows MBR is not messed up.

Thanks again. :grinning:

Mak 2.0

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Not a problem. Having gone through this not long ago myself, I know that the options have changed.