EasyBCD Application Error 0xc0000135

I downloaded easybcd and ran it on my XP and it installed ok but installed on the F drive as that is the one XP uses as the root(dual boot Vista-XP). I click on the icon and it gives me the old "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on ok to terminate" error message. I can't get Vista to boot at all even in the safe mode and I get the idea that I have screwed the pooch. Got any suggestions?
Can't thank you enough for the suggestion to install .NET; EasyBCD now initialises successfully.

If you wish to check your version of .NET i suggest the following program:

Granted it's probably not that useful usually but in this case i used it to check that the version i wanted to download was newer than the one i currently had installed, hope this helps..

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, jomaco.

Glad to hear it was of help - and thanks for the link, like you said, you'll never know when it comes in handy :smile:
thanks for you for that topic , i have the same error message but with code ( 0xc0000034 ) when i run photoshop ,

i had installed netframworks v 2.0 but don't solve that ..

is there other solution ?
So you dont get this error when running EasyBCD but Photoshop?

yes as u said, i have this message when i run photoshop

yes as u said, i have this message when i run photoshop


Sorry but we are only support for EasyBCD here. We are not support for Adobe or their products. You need to go to Adobe's support forums like Mahmoud said.