EasyBCD Application Error


I installed a copy of your program on my fresh xp sp2 installation and get the following error:
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.

Reinstalling doesn't help. What do I do? Is there something i need to install like .NET fwork or something?
On top of that it created a folder on my C drive called boot, and it's hidden like a system file is that normal? How do I get rid of it if i can't use the program?

Ooops... sorry, found the answer, needed the .net fw 2.0 sry... ignore this post.
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Hey Max, welcome to NST!

Yeah, the .NET Framework 2.0 is a requirement for EasyBCD.

With regards to the C:\Boot\ folder, it's required by the Vista bootloader - no way to get rid of it so long as you plan on booting into Vista.
Thanks for the welcome.
I formatted the Vista partition because I couldn't get it to work (my fault) and uninstalled the vista bootloader and there it still is (the Boot folder) :smile: Does it matter if it's there? Can it do harm to my mbr or not? My friend once tried to delete it and couldn't so I'm reluctant to try :smile:
It's perfectly safe to leave it there. So long as you're not comfortable with this one tiny folder, it's definitely recommended to just pretend it doesn't exist :smile:
I have installed win 7 and win xp in seperate partions .When i installed easyBCD it shows an initialize error 0xc0000135.What I have to do?
Please help me