Easybcd as "ISO Image" ??


Firstly I have much to learn on computers. Can anyone please give me a link, or tell me a web address, where I can download 'Easybcd' as an "ISO Image", so I can burn it to a dvd, to attempt to repair my damaged bootloader, on a system running Vista Ultimate.

I am surprised it is not on "NeoSmart Technologies", home page. With my limited knowledge, from what I understand, "Easybcd", can be used to attempt to repair a damaged boot loader, plus includes some other tools. Am I missing something, but I would have thought if you have a damaged boot loader, an exe file, is no use to you??. Don't you need to an "ISO Image", to burn to disk, so you can use it to get into your system and repair the bootloader, hopefully??. I can find hundreds of places to download the "exe" file but none as an "ISO Image". By Googling I have found a few torrent sites, (which from what I understand, you are not meant to use),that say the have the "ISO", but additionally they want you to be a member, involving a fee, and they don't have PayPal, and I don't want my credit card details all over websites.

Why is "Easybcd" widely available as an "exe" but not as an "iso"??. Also If someone had a few tips as to using "easybcd" to repair a bootloader, or general tips re this topic, that would be much appreciated also, but my main concern is to get the "ISO" download.

Thanking You In Anticipation,
EastBCD is a .NET application that runs under Windows.
If you have a working Windows OS and a broken BCD you can use it to repair the boot.
If you don't have a working OS on the PC with a broken BCD boot process, you can use the MS Installation DVD to repair the boot
If you don't have a MS DVD, you can download a recovery disk which will perform the same function from here
Terry (OR: Anyone Else Who May Be Able To Help) !!

Terry (OR: Anyone Else Who May Be Able To Help) !!,

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post and attempting to help. I have looked at the three links you posted.

Before I made my original post, I had already downloaded the recovery disk (thanks Neosmart), unfortunately the repair wouldn't fix the damaged bootloader. I had also downloaded Easybcd as an exe file, on my older desktop, running on xp, which if I understand correctly is what you are referring to in your links 1 and 2.

When I do this I can't get to the 'diagnostics centre' referred to, in your links. I get a dialog box saying that my BCD is not from Vista, or does not exist and I need Vista on this machine !!.

As I said in my original post I have much to learn, but with my limited knowledge, of course it will say I don't have Vista installed, in this instance I am operating from my older desktop, which is on XP !!!. I don't want a Vista bootloader installed on an XP machine and can't proceed to the 'diagnostic centre', that is referred to in the links !!.

This was the whole reason for my original post, asking for a link, to download an "ISO Image" of
Easybcd. Even if you can get into the referred to 'diagnostic box' on another computer, as per the links in your post, surely it makes much more sense to have an iso image on a disk, insert it into the computer with the damaged Vista bootloader and hopefully reinstall the bootloader. I may be misunderstanding something due to a lack of knowledge, but to me that seems much more logical and far less convoluted, than trying to use another computer with XP on it, which is my only other option !!.

If I am lucky enough that you get to see this reply or if anyone else can give me a link to download an "ISO Image" or able to explain briefly, without taking up too much of their time, where I am going wrong, that would be enormously appreciated, especially an "ISO Image" download link.

Thanks again for attempting to help Terry and if I have badly misunderstood or got this totally wrong, I apologize.

Many Thanks In Anticipation.
EasyBCD must run under windows.
Make sure you're using the latest build of 2.0, then when it starts and can't find a BCD, point it to the proto-version in the NST/profiles folder(or the one in your broken Vista boot folder)
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EasyBCD isn't available as an ISO because its a Windows app and therefore requires a copy of Windows to be up before you can open it. For example, you can't run MS Word without Windows... it just doesn't work that way. Your only option is the recovery disc and the instructions Terry linked to before resorting to a re-install.
Thanks Terry & Kairozamorro, for your replies.

Thanks to you both for taking the time to respond. At least now I know EasyBCD, is not available as an ISO and I now understand it requires Windows to operate.

It does seem to me it would be a much more usefull tool, if this was not the case, however obviously I will have no choice but to work with it as it is designed. With the 'Recovery Disk', I can get to the Windows Vista, Install/Repair your computer screen. If I hit Repair it takes me to 'System Recovery Options' box and since no operating systems are listed, the only Option I have is "Load Drivers". This opens an 'Add Drivers Box', requesting 'Insert The Installation Media And Click OK, to Select The Driver', this takes me to a Files box, in which I am unable to locate the, NST/profiles folder(or the one in your broken Vista boot folder), to which you referred to Terry, but I am probably, way offline here and in totally the wrong location. I presume probably that since I have no operating system shown in the earlier box, I have damaged my Vista install and do not have an operational Windows system and EasyBCD, is of no use in this case and I have lost all my data and can only reformat.

I will spend some more time following the links you posted Terry and attempt to follow your replies.

If either of you, or anyone else, could confirm the above, or advise me further, that would be much appreciated. Thanking you both for your time, as I know how frustrating it is trying to help someone with extremely limited knowledge.

Many Thanks
If you have more than one HDD, disconnect the others temporarily while you try the "startup repair".
If that doesn't make your Vista appear in the list, then don't go to the load drivers page, just click "next" without selecting an OS.
This sometimes completes the 1st repair successfully. If so Vista should reappear in the list and you can select it next time (you need to do the "startup repair" procedure 3 times to fix everything, one bit at a time)

The reference to the profiles folder is if you want to run EasyBCD under XP and it can't find a BCD. That will allow it to start and give you access to its facilities.
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