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Last night I had a problem with my MBR where Vista wouldn't boot and I got a NTLDR missing error in the BIOS and I had to run the recovery disk on the Vista install disk and had to enter many commands into the console to get my MBR working. I'm just wondering if EasyBCD comes in a bootable version so I won't have to repeat the hour's work I did last night? I'm running Vista Home Premium 64-bit if that matters.
Hi spike53, welcome to NST

The current version of EasyBCD can be made to work, but does not have support for this purpose (yet). CG, the author of EasyBCD, has been kind enough to include a new feature in the next version that'll allow you to manually select which bcd store you would like to work on. I understand your troubles so much so I'm writing a guide for the upcoming version of EasyBCD on how to make this possible. Let us know if you have any other questions :smile:
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