EasyBCD boots into grub

Need help.
-- dual boot not works.
Steps -
had a DELL PC with windows 7 (NOW having windows 10 for a while)

I have 2 drives
SSD - windows 10 is installed here.
regular 500GB - SUSE 42.1 is installed here on a 30GB partition. this is the new installation.

i donot think I have UEFI booting, but i am not sure.

i tried to do dual boot using easyBCD.
i see 2 options in Boot loader on screen.
windows works fine.
Linux lends into GRUB prompt.

i can't figure our what to do next.


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If your Windows is UEFI, you'll see that bootmgr loads Winload.efi in EasyBCD "view settings".
A BIOS/MBR system will load Winload.exe.