EasyBCD Build 66 is a HUGE Update


Mostly Harmless
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HUGE update this time, tons of new features for you testers....

* New "External Media" section of EasyBCD to:

a) Automate creation of bootable media. One click sets up a drive with a BCD store, writes the bootsector and MBR, and makes the partition primary/bootable.

b) New "EasyBCD BIOS Extender" which lets PCs boot from Network (PXE), USB drives, CDs, Floppies, and Hard Disks even where the BIOS does not provide these features!

c) Boot from ISO support!!!

* Top-Level NeoGrub integration. Now you can have multiple automated Linux/Mac entries via NeoGrub at once and selected from the FIRST BCD boot menu.

* New feature to automatically change boot drives.

* New feature to re-create missing boot files.

* More improvements to WIM support. Now multiple WIM entries in one menu are supported. This in conjunction with the above automated bootable media option make bootable media a breeze. EasyBCD now supports no {ramdiskoptions} GUID entries.

* EasyBCD used to incorrectly show empty BCD when no timeout tag present.

* Disable selection of "drive x:" entries in the Linux combo box

* Change default detailed font to size 8

Download: EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums
Yeah, I pulled an all-nighter last night... Been itching to push this build out since the morning, but I had a couple of hitches with the automated bootable media support that I needed to sort out first. :smile:
You are sleeping right? :lol:

No really though, great job on this. I was going to go get build 65 to start playing with to discover you had already posted a new build :smile: