EasyBCD can find BCD

Mark Phelps

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I recently built a new system when my old one crashed. I migrated a previous install and let Win7 update the drivers and other stuff. The old system had Win7 32-bit & Vista 32-bit, and BCD was in the Vista partition.

Am now finishing building a Win7 64-bit system to replace that one, so I installed latest beta of EasyBCD. Since I let Win7 format the new drive, it has the "boot" partition separate from the Win7 OS partition -- but no Vista partition.

When I installed and ran EasyBCD, it complained it couldn't find the BCD, so I went to browse for it -- but the list does not include the "boot" partition on the new drive!

So, how do I tell EasyBCD to use that partition?

My goal is to "retire" the old Win7/Vista drive -- so I need to get EasyBCD working on the new one (with Win7 64-bit).
Actually, I think it's a problem using Win7 64-bit.

I tried exactly the same setup but this time, using Win7 32-bit -- and it worked.

Found the BCD -- no problems.

Even had it move the boot loader files into the Win7 OS partition, and that worked without problems.
There's no issue with 64-bit and EasyBCD, but it may a problem with your Windows install itself.