EasyBCD cannot open BCD store

My machine with OEM-installed Vista formerly had a recovery partition and several BCD entries
related to same. Recovery partition was deleted long ago, along with all related OEM-supplied
software. I recently installed EasyBCD 2.02.117 with the intention of using it to remove the
outdated BCD entries, but immediately on starting EBCD I got an error window, which listed my
Boot Manager and Boot Loader entries and claimed the BCD was invalid because a device could
not be found, or some such words. I was invited to browse for a valid BCD store, but my one and
only BCD store (at c:\boot\bcd) was refused on the grounds that it was in use both when it was
loaded in the registry as HKLM\BCD00000000 and when not. I was able to remove references to
nonexistent partitions and files using bcdedit without difficulty.
After removal of the outdated entries in BCD using bcdedit, EasyBCD was able to open the BCD
normally. The removed entries always seemed a little strange to me, because the main entry,
a Windows Boot Loader object with a "description" value of "HP Recovery Manager", would
always appear in the boot menu display as "Ram Disk Settings".
Interesting. Must have been something corrupt in your bcdedit output that drove EasyBCD nuts.

Shame we don't have any way of finding out what it was.