EasyBCD cannot recover from Automatic Repair Loop (and disk locked) in Windows 8.1

I have a home built computer that was running Windows 8.0, which I have bought some time ago. Latelly, after fixing some error that prevented access to Windows Store, I was able to upgrade to 8.1 Pro (plus Media Center). Everything was running fine until the day the power button got stuck while I was performing power-on (system load). The PC stopped in the middle of the boot sequence. After that I was not able to recover from the Automatic Repair Loop. I have tried a lot of different maneuvers from different gurus but was not able to recover. The most annoying thing is that I cannot recover with the Windows 8.1 install DVD or Recovery CDs. When I use them, Windows says that the disk is "blocked" (without any further explanation). I noticed, running bootrec /scanos, that by system disk was not discovered.
Then I found out EasyBCD and the recovery disk. I bought the Windows 8 recovery CD and run the automatic recovery. I was very happy when this Linux program was able to find the Windows 8.1 partition in my disk. The recovery process ran without any problem, however when I tried the new boot, I got a different symptom. Now the boot is stuck in the light blue screen (the running dots don't even show up), and the boot sequence never ends. I still get the disk blocked when I try to recover.
Some additional information: My system disk is actually a 1.5TB disk which has been partitioned (500GB for C:,200GB for D:, 200GB for E:, 200GB for F: and 300GB for G). I have once tried Ubuntu on this machine and aparently it has created a dual boot on it. Before I had done all those tests, I could see that the Boot asked for Windows 8.1 and "previous releases".
I have another disk on this PC, which was loaded with another copy of Windows 8 when the PC went to a repair shop a couple of months ago. Booting that disk directly I can access disk C without any problem. Seagate fulll diagnostic was run on it without any problem. CHKDSK has run and fixed all problems.
Any clues? I know your repaid disk can do a lot more than just the auto repair, but I would not try anything without guidance. I am getting really frustrated with this problem.
Hope you can help.