EasyBCD can't find boot config store


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Hi, I have an unusual situation with my Win XP Home OS.

A few years ago I purchased and installed HyperOs SuperGeek, multi-boot software.
It worked fine for a year or two, then a crash goofed it up.
I tried to uninstall it, then had to go back in and try to reset the multi-boot function which seemed to still be in my OS.

My WinXP Home never had a blue screen recovery ability, which I understand WinXP Pro does.

Once when I got a blue screen crash that would not recover, I tried installing Windows 2000 Professional which a friend had given me.
It completed its install over WinXP Home, with a lot of video card problems, then suddenly crashed, then WinXP Home reappeared very mysteriously and magically and Win2000Pro disappeared permanently.
Since then, WinXP has had blue screen crash recovery ability.
The only problem is that almost every time I start the computer, the PC often goes into what I call the 'flicker zone' halfway through boot up, and the LEDs on the front panel will sometimes flicker for a long time, 2 to 4 minutes, then it will finish booting to Desktop and run just fine.
Other times, it boots without the flicker problem.

So I'm not surprised that when I installed EasyBCD 2.0.3, it found problems.
I did let it send in a report but don't know what exactly was in the report.

It says 'the boot configuration store could not be opened, the system cannot find the file specified'.
I just installed EasyBCD for the first time, so there is no BCD registry file.

I've had this particular OS install for years and built it up with a lot of nice custom touches, and I've kept it going with backups to other hard drives. I can run chkdsk, do backups, reg-clean, anti-virus, everything works great.
I just wanted to try to smooth it out a little because it runs so nice except for this boot problem.
I was kind of hoping that you might have a way for me to just fix what I've already got running.
But I wouldn't be surprised if you said I have to completely reinstall Windows.
Thanks for the program and this forum.
It can't find a BCD because XP doesn't have one.
the BCD is Vista's replacement for the boot.ini function in XP.
You can't use EasyBCD on any system that doesn't include either Vista or W7.
(It runs on XP, but it has no function unless XP is part of a Vista/7 multi-boot)