EasyBCD chainloading GRUB in bootsector of extended partition.


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Hello All

I am setting up my system with 3 primary partitions occupied by Windows Vista, XP and OpenSolaris. 4th partition is extended and contains bootloader - Grub - to boot in GNU/Linuxes and others on logical drives.
How can I use Windows bootloader with EasyBCD to chainload to that Grub?
I cannot select extended partition when adding entry to EasyBCD.
Where can I manually edit all entries of EasyBCD?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I don't want to use NeoGrub to manage booting into Linuxes.
You can't select the extended partition, only the individual logical partitions themselves.

Install GRUB to an actual partition (primary or logical) and point EasyBCD to there - don't install it to an extended partition.