EasyBCD crashes when display options changed


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I just noticed this with the final release.
#1-When I choose 'Detailed' as the Default Display Mode, EasyBCD crashes on startup the next time I run it.
#2-I had also chosen 'Edit Boot Menu' as the default tab, and checked 'Save EasyBCD window size on exit'

I had to reinstall back to build 97 in order to start the program again (builds 109,107,100,99,-all crashed on startup).
I now only have my #2 enabled, and it works, I think enabling #1 will cause this build to crash also.
Is this just my system?


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I confirm that this happens on my system too.
Workaround is to delete the build110 folder from
Users\user name\app data\local\neosmart technologies before trying to restart the app.


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Fixed in 2.0.1 along with a number of other issues.