EasyBCD deletes new {default} if changed in same session

This is seemingly a bug with the latest stable EasyBCD.

When I exited out of EasyBCD, I had a Vista and an Ubuntu entry, but when booting, I saw two Ubuntu entries with no Vista. I am unable to get into Vista and I do not have an install CD. The machine only came with a DVD disk image that restores the entire disk back to OEM. I am realize using this product is at my own risk, but seriously, this is REALLY upsetting. I replicated the error on another machine running 7 just to see if it was a fluke. Here is how to make the error happen:

Add Ubuntu
Set it to default
Ubuntu fails to boot
Boot back into Vista
Change Vista back to default
Remove Ubuntu (wasn't booting)
Add Ubuntu Back for second attempt.
Exiting shows Vista as #1 and default and Ubuntu as #2 option.

On reboot, this action above creates two Ubuntu entries, and no Vista. On the second test machine running Windows 7, I had planned on selling it and just used the recovery partition by pressing F9. Just wanted to confirm. Apparently Bios skips the BCD or something when doing a recovery on the test machine.

I plan on keeping the other Vista machine... and can't do anything other than boot Ubuntu via a Grub USB drive. That ubuntu detects Vista but grub 2 now points to and launches the errant Vista BCD with the two ubuntu entries, meaning that if I install grub to the main disk, the same thing will happen.

I'm not happy. I only have a disk image for this machine and it does not behave like a regular install disk so I can't boot into recovery.

So, I apparently have two options, reimage the whole version of Vista and lose my customizations and have to do every update since Vista was released, or buy your CD?

Is there anything I can do from the linux end, like with a hex editor, whatever, to manually edit a file on the Vista partition to manually add back Vista to the bootloader menu there? Blarg, no windows.ini anymore:frowning: That made this easy. I am an advanced Linux user so i can find UUID's Etc.

Blarg... this is why I use Linux. A chroot would solve this in 5 minutes.
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Try Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create repair disc on your W7 PC and try booting that on the Vista PC.


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The bug is that when you change the default entry, its BCD id becomes {default}, but EasyBCD is using the old {default} (Windows). Then you delete what was the default entry, and EasyBCD deletes the current {default}.

If you hadn't changed the default at all, this wouldn't have happened and the correct entry would have been added or removed. Also, if the BCD had been rescanned with EasyBCD or EasyBCD exited and restarted between changing the default and removing the old default, this wouldn't have happened.

Thanks for spotting this.

I'm emailing you a link to download a Windows Vista recovery CD that you can use to rebuild your BCD. Thanks for finding this.