EasyBCD do not find bcd file


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EasyBCD 2.1.0 has a bug - at start searches boot\bcd on first primary partition - not on system partition (C:smile: and can't find bcd file
My case :
1 primary - Grub4dos
2 primary Win7 (boot\bcd exist)
3 primary WXP
and Easybcd do not find bcd file !:frowning:
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Not a bug.
EasyBCD looks on the "active" partition of the first HDD in the boot sequence.
If that's not where it is on your configuration, you must point it to the correct location.
You can set that as a permanent redirect in Tools > Options > General > Load the following BCD on start
Actually, if he just manually selects it the first time, I think he should be good to go.
I still haven't looked into the configuration/settings bug that you reported, so I would prefer if he took advantage of that feature without using the options dialog.
I think it's only a bug in as much as the tick gets left in the wrong box, which causes confusion as to whether the feature is active or not. The actual options function works fine so long as you mentally swap the two tick boxes.