EasyBCD does not seem to want to start

Hi All

First off sorry if this has been answered I've looked but cannot see a solution.

My system consists of 3 OS's : WindozeXP, MacOSX and Backtrack R5 (linux unbuntu)

I've installed EasyBCD, selected added my OS's in the add new entry tab, saved the config and when I try and reboot it simply loads XP, no EasyBCD menu nutten. Is there something I am missing?


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Thanks for getting back to me.

I've tried both settings for the heck of it under Bootloader Setup, i.e.

Install both the windows 7 and XP bootloader to the MBR with no effect.
EasyBCD operates on the BCD, a feature of Windows introduced with Vista.
It does not exist in XP.
EasyBCD can boot all of the systems you mention as part of a Vista/7 multiboot.
It cannot work without a BCD, and the feature to (re)create one is limited to configurations which include either or both of Vista or W7.
It will not create a BCD in an unlicenced environment.
If you own a Vista/7 licence you should be able to port the boot files across and then operate on them with EasyBCD, but it won't create a pirate set for you.