EasyBCD Doesn't Add XP, Linux, or Mac entries...


Mostly Harmless
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If the Vista BCD output (viewable in the "Detailed Mode" on the first page) has an invalid drive as the BCD drive, adding XP, Linux, or OS X will fail, because the drive on which NST is to be created isn't found.

What sort of action should EasyBCD take in this case? It can either ask users to run the repair Boot function from the DVD or go ahead and attempt to use Drive C: automatically.
I think it should give both options. Ask them to repair the drive with Boot disc and if they dont want to take that option then to jsut use the C: Drive normally. That way you give the most possible options and allow for the user to decide what they wish to do.
Thanks Mak, That actually gives me a rather more obvious idea, I should have thought of it over.

Dialog box:
"EasyBCD has detected an error with your setup. You must now manually specify the 'boot' drive/partition in order for EasyBCD to work. In order for EasyBCD to automate this process, you must run the 'Startup Repair' option by booting from the Vista DVD."

The boot partition: [ ]

That is a great idea. That will work wonderfully. I think that will help people out even more.
Great, I'll implement that for 1.6.

The EasyBCD release schedule format is only changes that address bugs in the EasyBCD core itself are included in bug fix release (e.g. 1.5.X), new features, improvements, and compatibility stuff is in minor releases (1.X), and major releases are whenever we feel the program has advanced enough since the latest major release... whimsical really, but it seems to work.