EasyBCD doesn't adjust to new situation???

i there. I have used EasyBCD for a few years and have been happy with it. Recently I installed Mandriva along with Windows 7.
Win 7 was the starting, existing OS. After adding Mandriva and thus having created a GRUB, EasyBCD still only shows Windows Bootloader as the only entry. It makes no mention of Mandriva. The other strange thing is that when I go into Win 7's Startup and Recovery, it doesn't show Mandriva either. The amazing thing is, when I boot I am greeted with the GRUB and can choose between Win 7 and Mandriva. This hasn't happened to me before with other dual boots. Any answer to that? Thank you in advance for your help.
Sounds like you let Mandriva take over the boot and now grub and not bootmgr is in control.
If you want bootmgr back in control
EasyBCD > BCD Deplyment > Install Vista/7 boot loader > write MBR
Then add a Linux entry to your BCD.