EasyBCD don´t give a drive letter for the second Win7


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on my notebook I have installed a second Windows 7 Pro and the 2 OS given the names Win7.1 and Win7.2.

The boot menu, made with EasyBCD 2.2, shows Win7.1 and Win7.2.

In Win7.1 I have an error.
The Windows Explorer in Win7.1 shows only Win7.1 (C:smile:. Win7.2 (G:smile: is not existing.

When I open EasyBCD/View Settings in Win7.1, I see for Win7.1 the drive C:\, but for Win7.2 I see
"Device: \Device\HarddiskVolme2" and not a Drive.

In Win7.2 is all normally: the Windows Explorer shows Win7.2 (C:smile: and Win7.1 (G:smile: and in EasyBCD/View Settings Win7.2 has the drive name C:\ and Win7.1 has the drive name G:\.

What can I do?



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In 7.1, go into Disk Management and give the 7.2 partition a letter.
EasyBCD is just reflecting whatever letters exist on your system.