EasyBCD dual boot with Hibernation


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I will say I have a very succesful setup dual booting between Win Vista and WinXP using EasyBCD 1.7.2. It is meeting my needs and am very satisfied, however I was expecting hibernation to work differently.

I understand now that EasyBCD does not actually take over the MBR, but isn't that an option? I was expecting that even if I hibernate windows, when I turn the machine on the boot menu would come up asking which OS (partition) I wanted to boot from. I was expecting to be able to hibernate from one OS, then on startup choose to boot to the other, then on next reboot still be able to restore from hibernation.

How can I make the boot menu come up prior to it automatically restoring from hibernation?

Hi David, welcome to NST.

You raise a very interesting point with regards to this matter - first time this question has been asked, really.

Here's the thing: Your PC is still going through the MBR and the bootloader when you choose to restore from hibernation - you just don't get prompted for the OS to boot into.

To the best of my knowledge, if you pound that F8 key long enough right before Vista begins to load, you will be presented with the boot menu - give it a shot?
I'm affraid that F8 don't works for this

That option (the F8 key) don't works for me. The boot menu don't appears, and EasyBcd just loads the last hibernated SO.
There may be a solution for future versions of EasyBCD, but I don't think it's anything we'd actually contemplate coding.

Basically EasyBCD would add a second entry to the boot menu "Restore from hibernation."
When you hibernate, the PC would show the boot menu, but the default entry would be to boot the OS naturally (i.e. don't resume from hibernation). If you want to boot into another OS, you pick it from that list. If you want to boot into the hibernated system, you choose that entry and use it.
No. There is no option to go to the boot loader from hibernation at all. Not even if you try to manually add it. It just isn't a option right now.
Hibernation with a dual boot system


I would also be very interested to be able to hibernate OS1, and then on startup be presented with an option to boot into another partition (OS2). Then when leaving OS2 (either by shutdown or hibernating) the bootloader should present an option to start OS1 from hibernation.
Is this somehow possible with the newest EasyBCD version?