EasyBCD dual-boot with Win 7 & Solaris 10

At the moment I have win7 & Solaris 10 running fine on 2 separate hdds - I simply plug in the hd corresponding to the operating system I want to run. (I was in a hurry and shied away from dual-boot from the get-go). Now it's getting tedious and I want a proepr dual-boot....

Am I right in thinking all I need to do is -

1. install EasyBCD with win7 running
2. power off and connect the solaris hdd AS WELL
3. power on - system should boot into win7 (if not change the hdd disk order in BIOS & reboot)
4. go into EasyBCD and add the solaris operating system / disk
5. reboot and EasyBCD should let me choose which system to boot?

or is it going to be way more complicated than that ?



Mostly Harmless
Staff member
That won't work. With what you've done, the Solaris bootloader is installed to the MBR, not the bootsector, and EasyBCD will not be able to chainload it.
OK, thanks - is there anything I can do to get a dual-boot system without re-installing either os? e.g. something that can move the Solaris bootloader?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
There are command-line tools that can be run from within Solaris. You'll be better off asking on a Solaris forum for the exact steps, though.