EasyBCD easily solves W7/XP problem


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I'm posting principally to say thanks and perhaps assist others.

I built a machine recently and partitioned the HDD into 3 partitions with XP the oringinal OS on the second, D partition. When W7 RC came out I installed it on the C partition and easily set up a dual boot system which worked "out of the box" for a couple of weeks until an update was downloaded from Microsoft that corrupted some files in the original install. I did a repair reinstall and apparently wiped out the boot manager this second time around to where you could "see" the D (XP) drive but couldn't boot into it. I couldn't get much help from other forums, most advising I had installed things wrong and suggesting a complete reinstall of both OS's. I'm a relative newbie to this stuff but it seemed the advice being given was illogical. Luckily I found this resource.

I downloaded Easy BCD 2.0, held my breath, followed my nose, and had the computer dual booting in a total time of less than 10 minutes. Reading the "Guide to the Multiboot Process" and screwing up the courage took some time but the process and the job was simplicity in itself. Some excellent threads on the subject helped.

Thanks for an excellent and time saving resource!:tongueout:


And I refuse to be a "One Post Wonder"!!
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Hi Bob, welcome to NeoSmart Techonologies and glad you managed to get everything set straight with EasyBCD!

We too refuse that you remain a one-post wonder and look forward to seeing you as the posts fly by :smile: