EasyBCD error


So i installed Windows XP SP3 for dual booting purposes with Windows 7. And i also installed EasyBCD but it gives this error:

No matter what version, it gives the same error
Install .Net Framework 2.0 or higher if not installed, uninstall ZoneAlarm, use the latest version of EasyBCD, delete the Neosmart_Technologies folder at c:\documents and settings\user\application data\local.
Ok i made it work now, but i have another problem, now i can't return to my XP :frowning:
Can anyone come via Team Viewer and help me out with this ??
EasyBCD -> Add New Entry -> Windows XP -> Add New Entry

Make sure the checkbox to automatically detect the drive is ticked.
so i should only do that ? nothing else to change ?
edit 1 : the first time i spoiled everything and fixed the boot with my Windows 7 cd. Now i should only add XP as a new entry ??? and in the next step i see Windows 7 Selected as default, what should i do ??Would be nice if someone were to help me via MSN or Team Viewer since i will have to post 100000 times so you can understand...
If you take things slow and easy you won't need to post ten thousand times so we can understand.

Just go to "Add New Entry" and add a new XP entry. Make sure the checkbox is ticked, like I already mentioned. Windows 7 will still be the default, that is not a problem.