EasyBCD failed to run on XP


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Hello everyone,

I have Dell Inspiron laptop, with SATA HDD and windows 7(64). Originally DEll creates 4 partitions on it. First unnamed partition of 100 mb, then RECOVERY partiton of 10 GB, followed with C: partition with OS and D: partition completely empty.

I wanted to install XP(32) on D: partition and to create dual boot by use of EasyBCD. I have modified original XP to include required SATA, LAN, WLAN, etc drivers. During XP installation after first reboot i got the message that \OEM\bin\un7zip.exe and DSPdsblr.exe were missing, but after another reboot installation completed successfully.

Then I installed EasyBCD 2.02 and wanted to run it to create dual boot, but EasyBCD failed to start.
I tried older version but it resulted in same message. Failed to start, clik OK to exit!

Also during installation XP renamed partitions so that C: partition was the 100mb one originally used for factory setup I believe.

Any ideas why it didn't work?
Actually this should be the first question, is it possible to install Win XP (32) on 64bit processor? '

Thank you,
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Hello Mirkdak,

Yes it is possible to install XP on a 64 Bit CPU. That wont have any effect on it. As to your question about EasyBCD, you need to restore the Win7 Bootloader. Remember XP doesnt use BCD to boot, so you need to be in Win7 in order to get this working right.

While in Win7 make sure that EasyBCD points to the drive that XP is installed in from within Win7, not what XP sees itself as. This should allow for the dual boot to successfully complete.