EasyBCD fails on XP


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Have multi-boot: XP Pro w/SP3, XP Pro x64 w/SP2, Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1.

EasyBCD installed in all three and had started/appeared on desktop ok.

Downloaded EasyBCD (EasyBCD 2.1.1 Beta - Build 150.exe) and it installed OK in both XP versions but would not appear on the desktop. Installed and ran ok in Win7 in that the desktop graphic appeared.

When I tried to uninsall v150 from either XP version I got an error message saying it was running and could not be uninstalled. If it was running I had no indication of such on the desktop.

Something has gone wrong.
You probably both don't have a working internet connection and also don't have .NET 2.0 SP2 installed.
Booted into XP Pro and XP x64 in turn, uninstalled build 150, reinstalled build 149 - installation went fine and program started ok on both XP versions. There is no problems with my intenret connection and NET 2.0 SP2 is installed.
Nothing has changed in the setup, I would say try to download b150 and reinstall once more?
OK, I found the problem. EasyBCD *was* properly installing and launching, but hanging on start on Windows XP. Thanks for putting on me on the right track!

Please try EasyBCD build 151?
B151 downloaded, installed, and started ok in XP Pro - will be back later with status on XP Pro x64 (could be later tonight/tomorrow/Monday).

Later - B151 installed and run ok on XP Pro x64 and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit.
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