Easybcd fails to run

I installed the current version (2.0.2?) of Easybcd today but I have only got it to launch properly in one of about 6 attempts and the other times no window opens but the computer slows to a crawl and hangs shutting down. I have not always been able to launch Task Manager but when I did this showed easybcd.exe as a running process - but with nothing to show for it on the desktop. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, System Restore and re-install but it hasn't made any difference. My computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit version with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. I cannot see anything unusual in the Windows Event Log apart from the messages about the forced shut-downs after the computer had hung during attempts to shut down normally.
Not as far as I can remember - I would not have explicitly run either program. It's not too easy to check because more often than not CTRL ALT DEL hangs for a long while then brings up a "cannot start" error message if I try to invoke it whilst easybcd is failing to start.
You wouldn't have started them yourself. Bootgrabber is a Neosmart subroutine which examines your HDD configuration, and BCDedit is the Microsoft command line utility which actually interacts with your BCD (EasyBCD providing a GUI so that you don't need to know BCDedit sysntax yourself).
CG needs to know if one of them is looping.
btw the latest version can be found here
EasyBCD 2.1 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums
Yeah, please try the latest beta, though I'm not aware that it fixes any such problems.

Anyway, you can try pressing ctrl+shift+esc instead of ctrl+alt+del which brings up only the task manager and much faster.
The last four times I tried to run Easybcd (2.0.2) it started successfully, so perhaps the problem has gone away? I'll post again if it comes back and I can garner more info.

Thanks for the hint about Ctrl+Shift+Esc - I didn't know that. I have always taken the view that a beta version is more likely to have bugs than the current release.
On this site, any bugs reported or detected, get a new build from CG, normally in super-quick time, so the latest Beta is usually the most stable. (except on the rare occasions like the complete redesign of the GUI last year, where it becomes truly Beta using us end-users to see if CG got any of the link shuffling wrong)