EasyBCD File Dependancies


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I have been using EasyBCD 2.2 within a Preinstallation Enviroment - WinPE
I tried EasyBCD 2.3 today and I get an application error

What requirement has changed between 2.2 and 2.3 - I did notice a new .json.dll file and hovering over the file
it shows .Net2 - so does the new version require .Net2

Thank you
The developer has said he isn't really interested in supporting the use of EasyBCD in portable mode - and commented about running afoul of MS licensing re: WinPE.

I think it's a shame since helping to ensure the tool can simply run in a stripped down WinPE environment doesn't have any implications on MS licensing (i.e. he doesn't have top distribute his own PE just to run the tool, many options out there to build our own PE's).

I have had several situations where just having the ability to run EasyBCD under WinPE probably would have made short and Easy (pun intended) work of straightening out my boot issues (mostly caused by unexplained things that AOMEI Backupper does or doesn't do in either what they call a 'System' restore or a non-system restore).

As the alternative, I have not been able to solve these sorts of issues with using WinRE tools like bootrec, bootsect, diskpart, etc... and just using bcdedit manually is a bit of arcane science if you don't know what you're doing. So what to do...? Well, I was able to sort things out fairly easy through some trial and error using BOOTICE.

It's a bit cryptic and not very clear what some of the UI buttons really do, and I wouldn't experiment too much unless you're actually willing to lose data :smile:. But if you backup your data, I'm fairly confident that this is the tool to address MANY of the same kind of problems under WinPE as you otherwise might have solved using EasyBCD. At least... in order to be able to fix 'problems'. EasyBCD is still WAY easier than BOOTICE to simply make modifications to an otherwise working bootable system.

Do remember, mqudsi has stated that EasyBCD isn't ~really a fix tool for a computer that won't boot - though it easily could be if we could run it properly under an external bootable PE.

I think he'd rather see ppl purchase EasyRE... can't blame him really.......

BUT - maybe try throwing all the EasyBCD binaries and libs through Dependency Walker? I'll try myself maybe... as I really do like the user friendliness of this tool.


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I have dependency walker, bootice and aomie - and many others.. 2.2 works in PE
I use the Remove Entry, Resort and Rename entries, add entry by "type" features
It is real easy to assign drive letter to System Partition and then just run bcdboot to rewrite boot files for the off-line windows image
Or just run bcdboot to rewrite boot files to EFI Partition for the off-line windows image


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EasyBCD 2.2 and 2.3 are both designed to multi-target .NET via a nice little hack that lets us run EasyBCD natively on .NET 2.0 - 3.5 or .NET 4.0 - 4.6 simultaneously (with the same, single binary). That has not changed.

There are additional DLL requirements for .NET 2.3 - you always need to copy all binaries from the EasyBCD Program Files folder. EasyBCD is already super-minimal, literally everything it ships with is required or proper operation, with the exception of the lang folder which contains the needed English translations (en-US) and other languages that you can omit.