EasyBCD For Windows XP?


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I have a PC with two separate hard drives. The master HD (c:\) has Windows XP Professional SP3 installed. I now would like to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on the slave HD (d:\) and create a dual-boot system. (The slave HD is currently blank but NTFS formatted.)

I do not want risking messing up the MBR with GRUB2, thus EasyBCD could be the answer to my whish but I understand that the software only works with Vista. Unfortunately, I will not be able to install a Vista bootloader on my Windows XP as suggested in the FAQ because I do not know anyone who has Vista (or Windows 7!) on their PC.

So... Can anyone recommend a boot manager, similar to EasyBCD, that works with Windows XP? (i.e. Windows XP wold be the host operating system.)


Simplest solution is just to Install Linux letting it default.
It will take over the boot process and give you an automatic dual-boot with XP.
(It's easy enough to reinstate NTLDR in the future, should you dump Linux)
If you're determined to do it the hard way, try this
(btw EasyBCD is not a boot manager or loader. It's an app for configuring the Vista/7 BCD)
Interesting bug, I never noticed. As a workaround you should be able to change your boot drive in your bios and set the partition you want to install Ubuntu to as active and then just let grub install where it wants to. After install change your boot partition back to XP and run Bootpart.

Good idea - always assuming XP and Ubuntu are on separate disks though, since the BIOS only offers control of the boot *disk* and not the boot *partition*.

I hope they fix that bug soon. No one has even bothered to comment on it thus far, though!