EasyBCD got overridden by Chameleon... help!


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Hi guys:
A few months back I installed Windows 7 as my primary and an old 10.5.4 as my Hackint0sh and used EasyBCD for dual booting. Last night I decided to do a fresh reformat and installation iAtkos v7 on my Mac partition, and it installed Chameleon over it.

Problem: When I boot up my computer the Chameleon bootloader screen pops up and I am able to boot into Mac. However, when I choose the Windows option it brings me up to the original Windows Boot Manager with options for Windows 7 and OSX. When I choose either it brings me to an error screen saying that the device could not be found, blah blah. How do I rectify this problem, namely by deleting the Chameleon boot loader layer?

Any advice would be helpful right now as I can't get into Windows!!