Easybcd has caused "missing bootmgr, press ctr + alt + dlt to restart"


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hey i recently (yesterday) used easybcd after being advised to try and repart my 2nd hard drive which for some reason would not let me access my data.

after using the programme for less than 5 minutes it was clear i could not repair my 2nd hard drive. I then went to exit the programme and an error appeared saying "if you exit now you will not be able to re-boot up your computer" i ignored it and contunied playing my games, later i discovered i made a crucial misake :frowning:

was really hoping someone could help me fix this please!! i cannot repair my pc using the windows 7 DVD, only thing i can use really is command prompt,

thanks in advanced


bump please someone help ive been on this FOR 6 HOURS TRYING TO GET IT TO WORK :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

i have too much data to lose and i have slow internet to format. it was working fine yesterday one little mistake and i literaly canot fix it without your help as its your program PLEASE HELP ME
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Check your BIOS to ensure that you are still booting from the correct HDD (removing and replacing drives will mess up the boot sequence).
If you are booting from the right HDD, remove (or disconnect temporarily) any HDD other than the one containing your OS, then boot the Windows 7 DVD and try the automatic repair again.
Recovering the Windows Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

(and btw EasyBCD didn't cause the problem. By your own account it tried to stop you. If you remove some vital key in your registry with regedit, it didn't cause the subsequent failure (and it won't give you a last minute chance of a reprieve))


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easybcd definatly did cause the error, infact, i tried startup repair more than 10 times, entered command prompt more than 20 times, spent 6 hours in the morning trying to fix this problem. but no cigar

had to format in the end, was amazed that by following people suggestions from other online forums that it managed to mess up my computer in a blink of an eye, astonashing. Good day

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So let me get this right. You saw the warning and ignored the warning? To me that is a big flag right there. The software wouldnt put a warning up for no reason.

EasyBCD is only software that works with the BCD, which is the bootloader for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It has no ability to repair any hard drives or do anything else than work with the BCD. So I would go back to these other sources that told you to use EasyBCD to try and fix your 2nd hard drive and ask them why they suggested using a tool to manage mutiboot systems in order to fix a hard drive. As that was clearly bad advice.

Using online forums can be both good and bad as you have found out the hard way. Sorry for the inconvenience in the matter. While EasyBCD is at fault for removing your only means of booting, it is only doing what it was told to do. If you have any further questions in regards to trying to get your other hard drive up and running we will be glad to try and assist in that matter to the best of our ability. But sadly EasyBCD is not going to be the tool to use for this means.