Easybcd has detected uefi boot

Ive been trying to dual boot windows 10 and remixos and after tinkering with it on easybcd, it pops up with a error saying my bios is in secure boot. i checked the bios settings and everything looks good except my windows hard drive doesnt show up in boot options. ive cleared out the bios but easybcd still gives me the error


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MS bootmgr won't allow a "foreign" OS to boot on a UEFI PC.
Nothing to do with EasyBCD, and no way EasyBCD can circumvent the prohibition.
Allowing Linux to take control of the boot at installation is the only way a W10 UEFI PC can dual boot with anything other than W7/8/8.1 that I'm aware of.
No idea how Android would cope.
Suggest you do a lot of searching in Android forums to see if there's any way round the problem from that end.