"EasyBCD Has stopped working"


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I have loaded the EasyBCD software to allow me to boot either XP or Vista onto a new Laptop (vista loaded first) and it installed OK but gives me the error message in a windows popup window "EastBCD has stopped working" when its run. I have tried running as administrator and running it in different places to see if its a permissions problem. Its a new laptop so could be a general issue with Vista.
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That's an interesting but vague general exception error. It says that Windows Vista isn't able to get EasyBCD to even start. Once it *does* start, you would see more descriptive errors that start with "JIT Debugger"

I don't know what's up exactly, have you tried the "Search for Solutions" feature in Control Panel | "Problem Reports and Solutions"?

Have you seen this error with any other .NET 2.0 program? (Like Paint.NET maybe?)