easybcd install on xp and vista at the same time


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I have Installed XP Before Vista
on the wiki(Installing XP After Vista - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki) you say
(Feel free to run EasyBCD in either OS and customize your dual-boot by renaming entries)

does ( in either OS) mean I Can install easybcd on vista and on xp at the same time or just on one os( (on vista not on xp) (on xp not on vista) .

If the multiple instance work will I be able to access all function on both without having problem

excuse me for my bad english

You can install EasyBCD on both. But that doesnt mean that you can control the boot with both. Most of the time you can. But when you get a issue like i had for the longest time you will only be able to control it with 1 of them.