EasyBCD is a Hot Smokin' Weapon because:


I have started this thread to give people a forum to describe the feature, use, whatever that convinces you that EasyBCD is a "Hot Smokin' Weapon!"

Ref: My posting - http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=8315

Another reason it's a Hot Smokin' Weapon: Virtual Machines.

EasyBCD installs and works in virtual machines created by 2k8Server (with HyperV) providing a tremendous amount of additional flexibility in the Virtual Machine test-bed category, which is primarily what I use it for.

This gives me the option of designing virtual machines that are as much like a deployed physical machine as possible - which is my goal.

It also allows me to conserve precious disk space by allowing a single VHD to be used to boot multiple virtual operating system environments.

What say ye?